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Conversation Between Jinroh and alexgk
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  1. alexgk
    09-08-2008 11:56 AM
    Pretty much nothing XD. Played the games in the id pack. Very cool stuff in there.
    I survived the exams ^_^
    Probably I'll study some programming this evening...
  2. Jinroh
    09-08-2008 11:49 AM
    Pretty good, Alex, the weekend was pretty good. Did some coding, played some games.

    How about yourself?
  3. alexgk
    09-08-2008 11:22 AM
    How are things going, Jinroh boy? :)
  4. Jinroh
    09-05-2008 06:43 AM
    ^_^ Sounds like my friend Glenn. When we were both in Vo-Tech he was the "best in the class" yet I was more highly thought of by the professor because I worked harder. XD

    I just hope you don't get hammered with all the work.
  5. alexgk
    09-04-2008 11:23 PM
    Only 2 people. LOL XD

    I've worked with one of them before, and he's lazy as... well, he's lazy =p
  6. Jinroh
    09-04-2008 06:43 AM
    Coolies! ^_^

    That sounds like it shuould be fun. A lot better than compunding simple interest or something like that. ^o^

    How many other people are in your team?
  7. alexgk
    09-03-2008 09:32 PM
    There's another game I haven't told you about. For a school project, my team and I will build a Sudoku, following all the steps of software engineering. I'll use it as a chance to practice with Visual C#. Not exactly the most exciting idea in the world (it'll be created with forms =p), but interesting though...
  8. Jinroh
    09-03-2008 06:53 AM
    That's awesome. I went to Vo-Tech when I was in school and that was the closest thing to a development club. ^_^ We wrestled the professor into letting us use RPGMaker2003 for our final project lol. That was the easiest project I ever did. XD

    Yeah, it would be more fun to learn it with a bunch of other people. Yeah, for your personal stuff I'd keep it one-man as much as possible too. Mine 'team' if you wanna call it that is 3 people. I try and do everything I can, I'm good at spriting and coding, then my wife is good at art so she does lineart and stuff like that and my friend Richie has a metal band so I wrangled him into doing all of my Midis and such for me. lol.

    That's awesome an XNA multiplayer and adventure game. If you need any sprites I could throw a couple your way in the future.
  9. alexgk
    09-02-2008 09:59 PM
    Some guys at school planned and created a videogame development club! =)
    I had to join =)

    The goal is to create a small, but funtional developement community. Most likely we'll learn together C# and XNA, which is awesome. It'll be a lot funnier to learn in a group than on my own. Still, I have my personal projects (an XNA multiplayer game and an adventure one), and it's my intention to keep them as one-man works until I need external help.
  10. Jinroh
    09-02-2008 09:32 PM
    Ooooh...sorry to hear that. >_< I always hated those. Such nasty things.

    >.> But I suppose I still have projects and such at work too. >_< Can't escape it.

    Some programmers and I are thinking about making a company in 2 years or so, so perhaps being more "self-employed" would be better. I'm not certain.

    Anything else fun going on besides school? Any cool Pyong Fandom or some cool game perhaps? ^_^

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