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Conversation Between The Commander and Steve
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  1. The Commander
    01-27-2008 08:55 AM
    The Commander
    Go To Bed!
  2. The Commander
    01-27-2008 07:57 AM
    The Commander
    i hate marty, he rhymes with "tarty" :p :D
  3. The Commander
    01-27-2008 07:38 AM
    The Commander
    Yeah, I used to be like a boy-racer wana be but cant be ****** with that shit either now, I have a kid now and other RL problems to worry about.
  4. The Commander
    01-27-2008 07:33 AM
    The Commander
    Not exactly, 7-8 guys bottled my GTI-R and basicly tryed gang bashing me like the thugs some people are in CHCH but I didnt even get a scratch on me and the cops were amazed I was still standing. (So Was I lol) The Car had to be towed away so the cops could take photos ect for evidance and all the windows and lights were smashed and I couldnt afford to fix all the damage $3000+ for all windows and lights and to get smell and stains of alcahole out. The cops had the number plates of the 2 cars but wouldnt do anything! them bastards. Its been 6+ months and Im still waiting for them to do something bout it!
  5. Steve
    01-27-2008 07:22 AM
    Army :)
  6. The Commander
    01-27-2008 07:14 AM
    The Commander
    lol, Yeah, well I just got a new Vid card the other week from PCU (Ati X1650 Pro) I can even run Crysis pretty good now. All I need to do now is look around for a cheap car (lost my old one)
  7. Steve
    01-27-2008 07:08 AM
    Funny, I was in cadets when I was about 15. Fun times :-)
  8. Steve
    01-27-2008 07:04 AM
    You're in cadets?

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