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Conversation Between Stevey Boy and XTHX2
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  1. Stevey Boy
    08-26-2008 02:37 PM
    Stevey Boy
    I know m8 I cant wait!!!!!!!
  2. XTHX2
    08-26-2008 02:31 PM
    Haha... You should be very happy now Stevey... Hehehe you got Duke for Xbox !!!! :D
  3. XTHX2
    08-11-2008 09:45 AM
    I'm glad for you. Hehe, I hope it won't get bugged again...

    Nice, at last, you will be playing Duke nukem.
  4. Stevey Boy
    08-11-2008 09:44 AM
    Stevey Boy
    Hey man, got my 360 back so bin playin some UT3 :)
    Still waitin for my DN3D to come thru the post....:(
  5. XTHX2
    08-09-2008 06:05 AM
    Hey Stevey, how's everything?
  6. Stevey Boy
    08-06-2008 03:38 PM
    Stevey Boy
    Thanx man, "pi is exactly 3" made me LMAO so I thought id get it on there :)
  7. XTHX2
    08-06-2008 03:29 PM
    Thanks brother! Your profile page looks outstanding! LoL Seriously, nice job decorating your page!
  8. Stevey Boy
    08-06-2008 03:27 PM
    Stevey Boy
    Hey man, lovin the look of your Hellduke mod,
    juast waitin for my DN3D to come through the post and I`ll download it
  9. XTHX2
    08-01-2008 06:06 AM
    It was like unfortunate isn't it ? ;( lol

    Anyway, since it's coming from repairing, you'll be able to play Unreal 3 :)
  10. Stevey Boy
    08-01-2008 06:05 AM
    Stevey Boy
    Yeah I know man ill et it when I get paid! Id just bought unreal3 b4 my 360 broke:(

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