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Conversation Between Thief and Damien_Azreal
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  1. Damien_Azreal
    03-25-2010 02:54 PM
    Runs pretty good at medium details. Chugs in a few spots, but it's good enough to play.

    Game is pretty good. The atmosphere is amazing, but the enemy AI is horribly flawed at times. And the amount of damage they can take before going down is ridiculous.
  2. Thief
    03-25-2010 02:25 PM
    So how's Metro 2033 running for you? I believe we have a pretty similar rig, except your monitor supports greater resolutions than 1280x1024.
  3. Thief
    07-12-2009 10:38 PM
    The detail is astonishing...probably the first thing that stands out for me. I'm still in the hospital, so I think I'm still on Interval 2 actually. Firefights are as addicting as ever, though melee moves are harder to land this time around...I find I get torn up pretty quick when I try to run in for the takedown.
    Runs silky smooth and sounds incredible. Did you use the ironsights much?

    'Almaguna Cleanya' hahaha!
  4. Damien_Azreal
    07-12-2009 05:02 PM
    What do ya think of FEAR 2 so far?
  5. Thief
    05-10-2009 07:27 PM
    Well that answered all my questions. Much appreciated. I definitely gotta get FEAR 2 soon!
  6. Damien_Azreal
    05-10-2009 07:11 PM
    Actually, I uninstalled and reinstalled to test something for Monolith a while back.

    I did a full uninstall, I deleted all local content from STEAM and then manually deleted all left over files in STEAM and My Documents.
    Then, reinstalled the game using the 2 DVDs... when starting the installation they found my STEAM account and that FEAR 2 was already registered in my account and installed easy.
    So, I uninstalled through STEAM... not the control panel, and still reinstalled using the DVDs. So I didn't have to wait for the download. :)
  7. Thief
    05-10-2009 06:45 PM
    Got a question for you, Damien, but there's a possibility that you won't be able to answer it...
    I know that FEAR 2 has to be activated through Steam, and I'm assuming Steam needs to be running to play it.
    How about when you uninstall? Dunno if you've had your fill of FEAR 2 yet, but when you do uninstall it, are you gonna delete the local content, meaning you'll have to re-download, or use the Uninstall function through Control Panel, then re-install it when you feel like playing it again, which is a lot quicker than re-downloading through Steam.
    Same deal for me with Velvet Assassin...just wondering...
  8. Thief
    03-11-2009 03:07 PM
    Thanks, D_A. A shame I had to waste most of it at work.. Bleh!
  9. Damien_Azreal
    03-11-2009 02:59 PM
    Happy day of birth Thief. :) Have a good one.
  10. Damien_Azreal
    01-17-2009 03:15 PM
    I can easily suggest Mirror's Edge over FarCry 2. I was a little letdown in FC2, it's a good game... but it can get really tedious after a while.

    Fallout 3... I'm not sure, that's a hard one. Mirror's Edge is awesome, but Fallout 3 is f**king fantastic.

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