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  1. Yetaman
    12-18-2008 05:44 PM
    This message shouldnt exist, its too ugly to live, and also, a re post, where the hell is the delete button. :(
  2. Micki!
    12-18-2008 05:37 PM
    Oh Berserk, i know many who'd recomend that one...
    I need to get more money, but when that time comes, i must make my collection grow...
    I gotta get my hands on the GTO Manga then... Excel Saga turned out being a gazillion times funnier in the manga, i hope GTO is no different...
  3. Micki!
    12-18-2008 05:18 PM
    I meant all of them, i'll check some out and see what might be my thing...
    GTO is aweosme so far, i need to find it on DVD now (watching it on youtube)

    And the DVD's aren't exactly licensed in my country... But i usually order the american or UK releases online, and get them imported here... Excel Saga manga for instance, i order them all from an UK based online bookstore, i got every volume which is available in english yet, it's a great read too... Other stuff i need to get through eBay, as they may be more exlcusive to get my hands on ...

    Goddamnit i need GTO now... it's fun, reminds me of Golden boy, but with a very different theme, and much longer...
  4. Micki!
    12-18-2008 04:37 PM
    I'll check those out at some point...
    I'm also not into Mecha, but i heard Gurren Lagann is crazy, fun, and, just very crazy... Well animated too, and appearantly different... So i'll give it a try at some point (i prefer buying the DVD's you see, and they haven't released all the goddamn episodes in a single collection yet)

  5. Micki!
    12-18-2008 03:36 PM
    I checked it on wikipedia, looks fun, so i saved the anme for later...
    Currently i got my eyes on Great Teacher Onizuka, and Gurren Lagann... I oughta get my hands on those sometime :o

    It's ok in this case though, she's not even human, haha...
    Vol 18 of the manga had a golden moment with her in it, it was hilarity pure...
  6. Micki!
    12-18-2008 02:34 PM
    Oh i am always into it... I love art, animations and stuff, would be surprised if i suddenly got turned off by all that... I'm into a certain style though (not art style, but humor and genres, or whatever grips me the most, usually it's bizare humor)

    on a relevant note, talking of anime
  7. Micki!
    12-18-2008 02:07 PM
    Oh i see :o

    Well, although it can't be read out correctly, at least it makes up as a fitting profile background decoration :P

    Yes, evil overlords are keeping an eye on you :o
  8. Micki!
    12-18-2008 01:28 PM
    Am i supposed to decipher all the writings in here ..? :o
  9. Micki!
    06-24-2008 04:53 AM
    Aye aye, i'll take a look at that website then :o B)
  10. Micki!
    06-23-2008 04:54 PM
    The sign totally reminds me of Genma Saotome :o

    I'll have to check that out on wikipedia and stuff... I might end up buying it too (i looove owning a nice compilation of a series i like in nice boxes and stuff)


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