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aihtor 04-13-2010 07:49 PM

prey wouldn't load after installing---how i resolved this issue
i'm new to the game prey. i have an asus m2n sli deluxe mobo with 4 gb ram, 6000+ amd dual core cpu and am running a 9600gt video card from nvidia. i have played crysis, all the "f.e.a.r." games, mass effect, oblivion elder scrolls IV and red faction guerrilla on this pc with no problems other than dumbing a couple games down to get a smoother gameplay. as i tried to play prey after downloading and installing, i got a message from the game telling me that the video card and drivers were unable to handle the start up requests. the codes listed in the message showed attempts at initializing a lot of various functions that are contained in the nvidia control panel when i access the card for tweaking on different games. to fix this issue this is what i had to do.... first i used automatic updates to find the latest update for the nvidia card driver. i found an update and installed it. it did not change the error code at the start up. then i went to nvidia home page and manually found the most recent update for the card and uninstalled the updated drivers and installed manually the driver update from nvidia home. presto, problem solved. although, i must question why this game would not play and all the others which are more recent, had no issues with the card and driver before this updated driver install. in any event, i hope this helps someone else who may encounter this problem. this game is awesome. i have already met with the princess in the ship and am on my way to kill the mind, controlling the ship. this game is like a combination of red faction, doom 3, portal, and a hint of the game called "primal" which also included a heroine in the storyline named jen who had a helper named scree. they also had the capability to enable their spirit forms. prey is very cool, and its good to be a part of the forums as i have heard that prey 2 now exists. later, aihtor

Altered Reality 04-14-2010 05:56 AM

Re: prey wouldn't load after installing---how i resolved this issue
It looks like you lost these:

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