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Damien_Azreal 06-11-2015 07:23 PM

Shadow Warrior 2 - Flying Wild Hog's sequel
Coming in 2016, the sequel to Flying Wild Hog's "reboot" of the original Shadow Warrior.

Picks up after the events of the first game, no word on how much time has passed. But Lo Want is still rocking the shaved head, and has a new "battle suit"...




Simply can not wait. The first one was beyond badass.
So glad Devolver got the Shadow Warrior IP, and they are continuing with Flying Wild Hog's take on the series.

K100 06-12-2015 06:17 AM

Re: Shadow Warrior 2 - Flying Wild Hog's sequel
From the steam page:

Five years have passed since Lo Wang shattered the alliance between his deceitful former boss and the ancient gods of the shadow realm. Despite noble intentions, Lo Wang’s efforts to annihilate the darkness corrupted the world, creating a strange and savage new order where humans and demons live side by side.

The once feared warrior now lives in the shifting wildlands outside the reach of his enemies and the neon glow of Zilla’s cybernetic metropolis, scratching out a meager existence as a hired sword for the local Yakuza clans. When a simple mission goes wrong, Lo Wang is drawn into a volatile conflict between a brilliant young scientist, a controversial cult leader, and a terrifying new drug known as Shade. The sharp-tongued hero must once again wield lethal blades, staggering firepower, and archaic magic to purge the world of evil.

Damien_Azreal 06-12-2015 07:07 AM

Re: Shadow Warrior 2 - Flying Wild Hog's sequel
Yeah, the STEAM page went up shortly after I made the thread.

Stevey Boy 06-13-2015 03:35 PM

Re: Shadow Warrior 2 - Flying Wild Hog's sequel
Cant wait

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