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Joe Siegler 10-10-2015 03:23 PM

Camera Captioning Contest #254
Long time visitors to the 3D Realms website may remember an old regular feature, the "Camera Captioning Contest". It ran for a long time on our site. The original edition was posted in May of 1996, and it ran almost 11 years, going though till January 2007. With the relaunch of the 3D Realms Website, as well as the announcement of Bombshell, we thought it was time to bring back this much loved feature of the website.

If you happened to be around back when the old contest was run, you'll find it is mostly the same, but somewhat different. When the old contest ended, things like Facebook and Twitter did not exist. They do now, and that's the new wrinkle. In the old days, submissions were sent in via email, and we selected the winners. This time around the new pictures will be posted on our website, and the submissions will be taken on Facebook, Twitter, and our own forums. We will pick the winners from these entries. One catch though. The entries must be submitted to us using the hashtag #3drcam (especially if on Twitter). If you don't use that hashtag, we won't see your submission.


The prize if you are chosen as a winner will be a copy of the Steam version of the "3D Realms Anthology".

Once a winner is chosen, we will get in touch with them via social media for info on where to send the Steam Key.

Prizes may or may not change going forward. The old contest had the same prize for almost the entire 11 year run, but this time, we are looking to do something different with the prizes.

Make sure that when you send us your entry that you use the hashtag #3drcam (especially if using Twitter) and post it on one of the requested social media outlets - otherwise we won't see it.

Each entry will run for approximately two weeks.


The winner for Contest #253 was a user named Art Edelman from a Facebook direct message who wrote...

"Becky Taylor frequently has to see this at meetings being the only female on the team."

Here was the picture for contest 253: https://static.3drealms.com/media/up...2/img_2130.JPG

Oct 9 to 22


In reality, this is Fred at Quakecon 2015 imitating a famous picture taken back in 1996 on the day Duke Nukem 3D was first released.
The original picture can be seen here: https://static.3drealms.com/media/up.../10/duke08.jpg

Kalki 10-11-2015 01:06 AM

Re: Camera Captioning Contest #254
Fred's shiny white eyes reveal he's actually a cybernetic avatar of George Broussard who secretly controls the new 3D Realms.

Frostbyt3 10-11-2015 12:23 PM

Re: Camera Captioning Contest #254
Fred points asking if he can sit here not realizing there's no chair. :doh:

doggydoo 10-11-2015 02:48 PM

Re: Camera Captioning Contest #254
This is a lifesize cardboard cutout of Frederik which was used and placed there whenever he was on break. It looked so real that Mike Nielsen couldnt see the difference and accidentally packed human fred in a box during cleanup. After a few hours, he realised something was wrong when fred was being awfully quiet and wouldnt sit down in the airplane. :D

fast-1 10-12-2015 04:44 PM

Re: Camera Captioning Contest #254
While pointing at the monitor, Fred hypnotises you with mind control.

Hendricks266 11-03-2015 10:34 AM

Re: Camera Captioning Contest #254
Fred points to where you, too, can type IDDQD.


DavoX 11-03-2015 10:46 AM

Re: Camera Captioning Contest #254
Heskel: I'm not going to smell your finger! Hey, stop tickling my chin!

NY00123 11-06-2015 01:55 AM

Re: Camera Captioning Contest #254
OK, given the circumstances, let's do it just for fun:

`I wish I had that CRT right there.
Oh, and the speakers too.`

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