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8IronBob 01-29-2011 03:20 PM

Blender 2.56, Houdini Apprentice, or SoftImage Mod Tool?
I was wondering if anyone knows which of these three 3D modeling tools would be the best of the crop. I've been wanting to get into sculpting my own static meshes for UDK and Unity...but not sure which one of these three were best. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

8IronBob 02-09-2011 06:00 PM

Re: Blender 2.56, Houdini Apprentice, or SoftImage Mod Tool?
Well...believe it or not, I came across another software title that seems to do .FBX support, is fairly easy to use, and it seems like according to this offer, it seems like I can get this rather cheap, if I take part in this "dare to share" program, I might luck out with Project Messiah here, and see if this can be a good tool to use:

...and yes, I did get the Pro version in this offer. Just hope that progress bar reaches 100% before too long, this looks like it should be a pretty good modeling/3D animation tool, might be worth looking at.

EDIT: Found out that this is actually a 3D animation program, not a modeling app, per se, but at least this probably could be used hand-in-hand with Blender or MilkShape for the most part, that's the hope, anyway.

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