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Re: Help needed: how do I create a custom sized portal?
Alright, it IS possible to make custom sized and shaped portals. just requires a quick edit to portals.def.

Here's a screenshot of the test that I did:

Quick N' poorly typed tutorial for custom shaped/sized portals.

A simple square brush is much easier, just make a brush the size you want, apply the texture "textures/portals/portal" to it. Export the brush as an ASE center. export pak0000.pk4/def/portals.def and open up the file.

Find a portal that looks similar in size to yours, I'm not really sure what all the mins/maxs mean but I'm sure it relates to the size of the portal, play around with it I guess.
Copy the whole entitydef {} and rename it to an appropriate name. Keep it something like "object_portal_xxxx" to keep the naming conventions. then change "model" to point to where you saved your portal model, and save.

I seem to have to exit and reload preditor whenever I changed the model, but you have to exit anyways to reload the portals.def.

Once you're back in the editor, right click menu, and your portal should be in the object menu! You can now treat it like a regular portal.

And of course, you can add a border around your portal, and export that too. I havent tested using patches, but it would probably make sure the portal keeps that one-sided look if you're going to make a free-standing portal. But as you can see in my screenshot, because of the odd-shape of the portal, you can see the frame of the portal on the other side, perhaps using patches would solve this problem?

Just keep in mind for making your map, that if you want to distribute to others, you'll have to make sure to include the portal, and instructions on how to insert the new portal into portals.def.

Good luck with making your portals!
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