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Re: Four-Legged Friends
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He's going to be 10 this year. Getting lots of gray fur around his eyes. Other than the gray fur, he's still the same cat when I got him. Always wants to be around me, and cuddly as always. Still puts his arms around me to give a big hug. Sleeps with me every night.
He's tall and stout

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Wow! I am impressed by the response and really enjoying the pictures posted by everyone. Thank you, all.

So did Dakota get skunked?

KO: Thanks for all your help! It was easier than I thought.

Here's Paloma, eleven years old, a baby who craves my lap at TV time. She has her moods; watch out when she starts whipping her tail! She's a little out of focus because I have a hand tremor and when I got the camera braced, she wouldn't stay still.

HeHe - Ms. Funny Mask Face. It's cool how cat's have a personality that sometimes relates to the way they look and their markings. I'll bet she's a sneaky one.
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