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Re: problems with saving textures to \"Mylevel\"
Duke Rocks said:
OK, so what i did was i took texture packages out of other unreal-based game's directories and put them in ut 2004's texture folder, so i can use them with that version of the editor.

how do i make it so that the "new" textures are saved into the level itself and so that when someone downloads the level, the textures the level and everything will be saved into one package?

I tried saving them to the mylevel package, but when I exited the editor and went back in, only two of the added textures remained there and the rest were gone!

could someone please tell me what i might be doing wrong and how to fix it?


ps- i know that this could be illegal, but don't worry the level i'm making will not be distributed in any way shape or form-it's for private use only
If it is for private use only why do you need them in the mylevel package?
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