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After waiting and hoping to see a thread devoted to non-human companions, I decided to be brave and start one of my own, hoping it will be judged appropriate for the General Discussion area.

I wanted to share a photo of my cat, but right now I'm getting a message telling me that the photo cannot be "moved or copied." It fits the size requirements. Have no idea why it can't be uploaded, so I'm going to look for suggestions in the hardware/software section and then will try again I hope today.

No luck again. Words will not suffice, but in the absence of a picture, I'll just have to try to describe Paloma de Oro (Golden Dove), a tortoiseshell with a large gold mark on her face that looks like a dove, with the head upright on her forehead and wings spread over her eyes, with the body running down her nose. After several failed placements, Paloma found her forever home with me in 2003.

When I joined under the username Twelvepaws, I had three other cats. Morgan was a domestic black with semi-long hair who liked to turn off light switches and do back-flips. Rina was a silverpoint Balinese who was almost at the point of figuring out how to operate doorknobs. She liked to sleep on the stove and curled up next to a burner that was still hot enough to make her tail start smoking. When I yelled at her to move, she just blinked her blue eyes at me and sat there, tail smoking. (I removed her, of course.) Bell was a flamepoint Siamese who liked to bring me presents, in the form of jingle bells or fluffy puff balls. When I was too slow getting the food out, she would climb up my jeans to investigate the delay. They all passed away in 2005-2006, but in their memory I retain the username Twelvepaws.

People keep telling us that they are just dumb animals, just pets, but it's hard to express the pain they cause when they pass on.
Rest in peace Paloma, my sweet little Tortoiseshell, with your gold mask that spread over your eyes and down your nose. It formed a perfect replica of a dove.

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