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Re: Four-Legged Friends
Upload the photo to in a second browser page (keep this one open)

When you reply in this thread, click the little picture of the mountain and you'll get a place to post a link. Use the simple link (it's the bottom one"direct link for layouts") provided by tinypic.

post it

... and in keeping it the spirit of this thread,

Here is my 4 legged friend. It's an African Tortoise named Parson.
Last time I weighed him he was 46.5lbs (about 21kg). Probably well over 50lbs now.
He's still young - they reach maturity after about 20-40 years, live about 100 years, and the average middle age tortoise is about 100lbs
We keep him in the basement under heat and UV light in the winter. He has a concrete pen (that's why his legs aren't more spiney - he likes to dig at the walls )

Parson with one of his many girlfriends:
(Yes it's a large full size trash can lid)
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