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Re: Four-Legged Friends
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Wish I had a pet. A dog. I love cats as well, but mostly when they are tiny kittens.

Last pet I had died in her 20s. Only picture I had online:

Seems a bit rude to just post her head, but she wont mind, she knows she was awesome.

She lived alone for some time, and whenever she would have fish around her, sheŽd eat them quickly but save one each time. Always the same thing, the last fish left, she woudnt touch it.
Sorry you lost her. Really beautiful colors, and smart, too! It's a revelation to learn that reptilians can be so wise (saving for insurance against starvation).

My cat is insanely jealous of my daughter's three cats (with whom we share the house). She used to bite. I have her on GNC Calming Formula for Cats and used to carry a squirt bottle for when she would nip me. Now, when she narrows her eyes and starts whipping her tail, I evict her from my lap. Why do I put up with her? Too tender-hearted, I guess, thinking of all the people who rejected her. Actually, she can be really sweet and always likes to go wherever I go...out on the porch, to the garage...just to be near me. And I think maybe she just can't help having her moods. My vet tells me that Tortoiseshell cats have an evil gene.
Rest in peace Paloma, my sweet little Tortoiseshell, with your gold mask that spread over your eyes and down your nose. It formed a perfect replica of a dove.

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