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Re: Doom 4 Thread Part 2
Originally Posted by Damien_Azreal View Post
A mention of Doom 4 towards the end.
Nice. By the way, can somebody help me out with this short transcription? That's what I've got right now:

Geoff Keighley: Second project, you're working on DOOM 4 internally, right?

Todd Hollenshead: Right. We're just calling it DOOM. Sort of "4" is to [???] it's not the original DOOM...

GK: You may not call it "4"?

TH: May not call it "4".

GK: But is it gonna be sort of the same stories that we've seen in a previous DOOM games or is it a new story?

TH: Well, I think the [???] is the same, it's demons from Hell, and you're a guy, hell breaks loose and you've gotta survive, kill the demons.

GK: DOOM is know for sort of a zig-zag corridor shooter which is great 10, 15 years ago but now people, they want the open world, they want the vehicles [???] more so how do you stay true with DOOM but still deliver the kind of gameplay people want to that?

TH: We think about sort of tight first-person shooter action experience, we know that we can do that and we're gonna have some of that in Rage but it's gonna be so much more of a focus with DOOM as well...

GK: Will there be vehicles in DOOM?

TH: I don't wanna go into details...

GK: I bet there's gonna be a tank or something like that.

TH: DOOM is DOOM and it really is I mean, to me it's sort of a grandfather of all the FPS games and all the shooter games and making it into something that's not a shooter would be just a travesty and a crime against humanity.
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