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Keen 64?
So named because it's a 3D version of the the original first episode of Commander Keen Marooned on Mars, and of course the Nintendo 64 was the first full 3D game console. Now it isn't made in N64 assembly code to run on an emu, it just refers to the 3D nature of the game, and it has its own EXE file to run on a computer actually. I just found this game while looking for more stuff about Keen. While I doubt it is made by ID software, I wonder does the developer have ID software's legal permission to make this? Or is it an example of illegal bahavior known as "copyright infringement"? It looks awesome and I already tried a beta demo of it (like that's only how far in development it is so far) and it looks really awesome (definitely promising if ID/3DRealms doesn't stop the developer from making it, with a law suit). I just wonder if it's legal or illegal for this game to be made, or legal or illegal for me to play it.
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