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Re: The New Hardware Thread

My new PC is very nearly done. New CPU and cooler are installed. I went with the i7 4790k and a Corsair H75 liquid cooling.

RAM is installed as well, i chose GSkill Ares 16GB (2x8GB) 1866Mhz, i have absolutely no idea about RAM, the more i read up the more i am confused. All i know is that this RAM is on my mobo's QVL and they were reasonably priced.

All i need now is a HDD and SSD and i should be all set until i can save up the dosh for a Galaxy Hall of Fame GTX 780ti and adding another one down the line.

Here we go folks... The rarest creature in nature... The Duketard. I will now approach him very quitely and... Jam my thumb in his butt hole. That should REALLY piss him off!.
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