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Re: "Super Secret Project" by Frictional Games

'It appears we might know the next title from Amnesia creators Frictional Games. After Frictional's creative director teased in early September that studio decided on the name for their next game, Frictional registered the domain Soma typically refers to an intoxicating substance, the body as separate from the mind, or a cell body—all of which seem fairly apt territory for Frictional.P

In a blog post last year, Frictional said its next project would likely see release in 2014, and the game would be a first-person horror title that the developers hoped would delve into further thematic depth than Amnesia. A recent job posting—which was accompanied by some fuzzy H.R. Giger-esque art of spiders—for the studio requested someone with an interest in science-fiction, hinting that they are moving away from Amnesia's 19th century horror.' Hopefully it'll unlock tomorrow.
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