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Re: Duke Nukem Forever PS2/Wii
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The PS2 even handled God of War 2. But there's no way they can tune down THAT MUCH any feature of the engine to make it compatible. They'd have to make another version of the game. Which is VERY unlikely.
Why are we still talking about this? PS2 is like five years out from being obsolete, and come the Kinect and Playstation Move the Wii is going to be just another (not so) expensive paperweight. PLUS we all know Nintendo is trying to be all family friendly now what would they want with Duke? This discussion is pointless.

More important is the question: If I get DNF for PC will my machine be able to handle it?

Speaking of ports, I'll bet they'll port it for Mac, I remember Duke saying on the Facebook page that he likes the 'iPhone and Steve Jobs' it was right before the iPad was released I think.
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