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Re: New Site: The ROTTPository
Originally Posted by Per_Scan View Post
You shouldn't give up. From what I remember you were a very enthusiastic and positive influence on the ROTT scene.

Do you still work on ROTT maps? I really enjoyed Dark Realms.
Yeah, but my poor English grammar is the other problem.
And I think I should make my maps first... XD

I was working on my Dark Realms maps but it progress goddamn slowly because I have too many shit want to play/do... World of Warcraft, DooM, Duke3D and other games/MMORPG/my game novel project(Chinese only) shit and my goddamn Real-Life(TM) bullshit... What a ******* mess... :\

I'll try find some time to work on it more, I was trying make my map for Vanilla(original) ROTT compatibility but somehow it's too hard because the limitation on Vanilla ROTT(like my Dark Realms E1A8, use Dog mode's BarkBlast on those shitload of guards will cause ROTT.EXE crashed, the WinROTT happens too, but not always, WinROTTGL is OK), so maybe I should leave it and focus on others... :3

Whatever, thank you, I'm glad you like my Dark Realm maps.
It's my ROTT introduce site, easily structure.
Sorry, please don't care my poor "Grammar of English"... *faint*
Sadly, it died temporary due to I used my all of times on RealLife(TM) and playing Games! XD
*Player Lin escaped from the hell of making website.*
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