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Kickstarter - The Reward (Tales of Alethrion) series
The Reward is a short movie cartoon, made by some talented animators at The Animation Workshop..!
The creators got the idea of making an actual series based of it, and threw it on kickstarter today..!

I'm eventually going to give my support to these guys, I'm not sure if any of you will support them, but at least check out their short film "The Reward" and perhaps have something to look forward to, if this gets off the ground..!

The Animation Workshop..! is an animation school/drawing academy in Denmark, and is internationally known as one of the most popular up-and-coming animation studios out there, frequently releasing bachelor projects and giving animators, cartoonists, comic artists, graphics artists etc work all over the world, and has many international students as well, it's a cool place that reeks of creativity and talent, so any support given to these guys would be a nice bit of charity to the future of animation..!
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