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Re: "Super Secret Project" by Frictional Games
And the whole hype went to shit because both nextfrictionalgame and somasystems are idle. The booting finished 2pm yesterday (over 18h ago) but of course the entire thing crashed. For hours both the aforementioned sites and FG forums were massively overloaded. So after 3 days of waiting we have to wait again for an unspecified amount of time.

Originally Posted by Frictional Games' Twitter
This strange system was a lot stranger than we first thought. Please have patience while we try to get it under control.
That was 13h ago.

Not anymore!

Originally Posted by Frictional Games' Twitter
Seems like dark forces have been against us. Despite that, servers are up again and booting continued. ETA: 5 hours.
Less than 5h left.
We were standing on the edge of discovery
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