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Re: "SOMA" by Frictional Games
I couldn't stand the live-action teasers. I guess that endless ARG count down was emblematic of how Frictional values their potential fans time.

Announcing a game that's, at the very least, 15 months out shows contempt for your customers. Frictional's in a such a great spot. They're self-funded, self-published; they can pick whatever project they want and have the confidence and cash to back it up. They choose how to introduce the product to the world.

Unless they're going on a hiring spree like CD Projekt did with Cyberpunk 2077, why let people know this far out? No one needed to know what they were working on yet. It won't be shipping for at least 15 months! It's way too early to get excited. Instead, they've given people enough time to stop caring about the project.

I'm sure the game will be fantastic. The settings really cool, and that's a great mood-piece. Frictional's a really talented, creative team. It just sucks that a developer who's fully in charge of their destiny, chooses to market their product in such an old-fashioned mindset.

Edit: Here's an hour long audio interview with Thomas Grip.
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