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Re: "SOMA" by Frictional Games
Here are some notes on SOMA that appeared in interviews. Those interested in the game should check them out.

► Much like in Penumbra/Amnesia, there won't be any cutscenes, at least not ones that take away players control. FG believe that playing a cutscene takes the player out of the experience and hurts immersion. Dynamic cutscenes/instances can be missed but when spotted they are much more effective than passive movie sequences.

► Themes in SOMA are related to consciousness. The idea is to have the player experience those themes as opposed to merely hearing/reading about them.

► Not all creatures in SOMA are directly hostile. FG want to move away from monsters you constantly run from and instead have creatures that the player has to figure out how to deal with.

► The goal is to have monsters that will have the player constantly second guessing their next moves and reactions to his own actions.

► In a vague response it's been said that there'll be local creature-specific sanity-like systems throughout the game. There won't be any 'global' sanity system.

► Obviously AAMFP wasn't developed by FG but rest assured, SOMA will provide 'open and dynamic environments that give more freedom for the player to act'. In addition, SOMA will provide a similiar level of interactivity with objects like Penumbra/ATDD (and unlike AAMFP).

► The name is not related to the drug in Brave New World.

► It's unlikely that SOMA will support Oculus Rift. The team sees a lot of the visual effects they use, like zooming-in, changing field of view to be troublesome on Rift because they're likely to make the player dizzy. There might be some sort of FG project dedicated to Rift down the road, though.
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