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Re: So, how's crime in your country?
Thanks fo your ans guys. It's great to read about it. My girlfriend has told me many times to aim for Canada. I wish I could move to a more quiet, peacefull place.

Speaking of my girlfriend, she was kidnapped a month or so ago in a taxi , and so were two cousins some months before. You can't trust taxies now. At least this is not Sao Paulo, I've read (I haven't been there thought) that it is very common tha you get kidnapped in a taxi.
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Not much crime to speak of in these parts - good thing about living in a small town I guess. Also, nobody around here would be crazy enough to hold up folks on a bus like that - half of us are armed.
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Canada is pretty safe. One of the reasons for that is we don't allow people to have guns unless for hunting stuff. Guns for protection are usually reserved for the police.
You can't carry weapons here as well. That would be a pretty neat idea if they checked everyone constantly, but it's not the case. So, everyone knows you're unarmed, bang! Easy target .
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