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Re: my 3 level episode
I took a break fro making my own levels to give these a try and a really enjoyed them. For some reason I wasn't expecting them to be as difficult as they were and I got my ass kicked on the first level thanks to being shot to death through windows and from on high. I found your use of elevator doors throughout interesting as well, it produces a rather interesting look when you open them that is vaguely magical.

I took a look at each map in an editor just out of interest and I noticed that on the final one there is a small room in the middle of empty space that contains four men yet is unaccessable. Was this intended to be an area at one point or is there some purpose to this? I just ask because since beginning to make ROTT levels I have found that the whole process is deceptively simple and there are actually all kinds of neat tricks you can do and perhaps this is one I am unaware of.
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