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Heh. I was just informed by my store that the game got a 50% price increase because of the local currency value drop and that I won't be charged extra if it stays at the new price. I've never preordered like this before but it's already paid off. Got a similar mail about Arkham Origins.

Also meant to post the success kid meme and learned he's just a kid at the beach with a fistful of sand.
Yeah, i think there is a law in Australia that covers that sort of thing, all pre-orders are treated like lay-by's (i'm not sure what they are called elsewhere but its just holding an item back and making small payments that go towards buying the product) and if i have an item, let say the Ded_Sec edition is currently $138 AUD, if Ubisoft were to raise the price of the game, then by law they cannot change the price of my pre-order because i have already purchased the game at $138 AUD.
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