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Re: Superman: Man of Steel
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So the news of "the sequel" has rippled through mainstream media for days. My local newspaper had mentioned it on the front page and they don't talk about movies that way. So what do you guys think? Will it work? I am totally excited. Hope they don't mess it up.

Announcement videos: /
Sure, why not?

Seems as good a starting point for the Justice League film-franchise as any other; get the two most popular characters out of all of them together and then perhaps work your way up adding more characters down the line.

Here's an interesting question: who do you think will get more screen-time in this project? Superman or Batman?

Considering that, on average, Batman, in his full costume and doing Batmansy-superheroey-stuff, hasn't been featured that much on screen in each of the Nolan's Knights while the opposite is true of Man of Steel, I would find it highly ironic if Batman was then to dominate the screen in the MoS sequel.

And don't think the bean-counters at WB/DC wouldn't consider this. You know they would.