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Re: Betrayer: A new FPS from former Monolith employees (including Craig Hubbard)
A little over a year ago, shortly after the release of Gotham City Imposters, Monolith was "unofficially" rolled up with a couple other studios and retitled as "WB Games Seattle". They were still able to function as Monolith Productions.
But, the official name legally was WB Games Seattle.

I know it was also around this time that Warner Bros laid off a handful of people at Monolith and a few other of their studios. Some of the "old timers" at Lith were very unhappy with the re-branding and layoffs.

I was also lead to believe a lot at Lith were very unhappy with the direction FEAR 3 took. As they initially tried to help Day1 craft the story, but were shut out after a while.
Then, a "special project' Craig had been working on secretly for a while had been shut down by WB.
That followed by SEGA cancelling Condemned 3 (never sure completely why, all I ever got was 'SEGA was unhappy with Condemned 2 sales'... which makes no damn sense)... the studio had been falling down for a while.
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