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Re: The steam store thread
Originally Posted by KO Gilligan View Post
Hitman: Absolution is $4.69 after coupon code GFDJAN25 at GameFly.

Haven't played it -
GameFly also has other games the code will work for on sale

Steam has the whole batch of previous Hitman games on sale and DLC too - is that better?
I would've snatched up Absolution long ago, if I could run it. Still running XP here, and likely won't be upgrading anytime soon. Was hoping for it to run on XP regardless of it not being officially supported, like DisHonored (more specifically UE3), but it just wasn't meant to be.

I own disc versions of all previous Hitman games, except Contracts. I sold it many years ago, idiot that I am. Been waiting for it to go digital for a long time now after realizing (also long ago) that I should have never sold it. Had the kick-ass box and everything.
Apparently, a piece of music is responsible for Contracts taking so long to go digital.
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