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Re: Betrayer: A new FPS from former Monolith employees (including Craig Hubbard)
So... an unfinished very early Alpha build with place-holder art, unfinished animations/combat and enemies isn't good enough?

The game has gone through a TON of improvements over the past few months. They've reworked the combat, how enemies react, how the arrows fly/fall and react to the the Spaniards armor.
They've held off on doing anymore updates to the game, wanting to get it finished before rolling out the next update.

And, after playing RotT and this... this feels better. Already had a more finished feel to it, even in it's ungodly early Alpha state and all it's placeholder art.
Also... you can play it in color... but it completely ruins the atmosphere of the game.

But, you don't like... you don't like it. That's fine.
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