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Re: Facebook purchases Oculus VR
Originally Posted by Damien_Azreal View Post
So... possibly the (IMO) most annoying and worthless website out there bought a product that I personally had no interest in, but one they didn't really have any point in buying.

Well, glad I wasn't all YAY for Oculus. But, sucks for people that did.
Sorry, Facebook is a virus. And one that needs to be burnt from the world.

Nearly every producer and supplier of goods and services in the US, and much of the rest of the world, has bankrolled Facebook and it's survival in some form, for the foreseeable remainder of your life.

Facebook, the company, and it's name, are not going anywhere for at least the next several years. You might as well call McDonalds a virus.

There's a little bit of an identity crisis going on regarding smart phone social networking integration into our existence, and a lot of people still see a "virtual" world existence as a game changer...
and that's what this is about. I think they want to give the experience a new feel, but Facebook has consistently had the edge over the instagrams and twitters and linkedins of the world, so don't expect advertising and consumer enterprises to jump ship anytime soon, or expect any earthshattering changes to the Facebook role.

- but most importantly, looking at it from the perspective of what will fill the need in it's place, do you see an alternative on the horizon? There is nothing.
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