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Re: Facebook purchases Oculus VR
Originally Posted by Damien_Azreal View Post
Why is it if I post that I dislike something you feel some need to try and explain to me why I'm wrong?
Because I didn't post that you were wrong in disliking it.

Your characterization of stuff often reaches beyond your personal preferences and reads like a very pointed critique. Those evaluations have well missed the mark from where I sit. Nothing to do with your personal preferences though... really. Facebook has huge value in the real world... and it's not going anywhere

I'm not a big fan of Facebook either. There is about a dozen of my family members who are pretty active on it, so I tolerate it's existence enough to throw up a few posts, but my account might be inactive more than not. I also don't like cottage cheese. There's probably a few other things too.

But perhaps you should be a little more abstract if my post really has you wondering why I would disagree with you about stuff you don't like.

Maybe you think I should overlook your feelings about how bad something is for all of us, even when you come off as if you are speaking for me - or my/our best interests. Afterall - it's just "an opinion"

Well, I suppose I'm just amused at the rants where these things should be brought to justice in a fiery death. You have quite a few things you want to go down in a ball of flames - and, to you, it's for good reason. I personally save that type of sentiment for Japanese whalers and such, but as you say, to each his own.
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