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Re: Facebook purchases Oculus VR
There are tons of things that have an impact in the world, that aren't going anywhere... that I wish went away. Doesn't mean anything other then I dislike it.
Yes, my personal opinion is my own critique against Facebook and other such sites. Included would be Twitter as well.

Just because I dislike something doesn't mean it needs to die. That would be a very stupid and short sighted way of viewing life. 'I hate this, so it needs to die!'... good lord.
Yes, I said it needs to "burnt from this world"... but only to add emphasis to my dislike to the site.
I fully understand plenty of other people really like the site. Doesn't mean they should do without something they like just because I'm not a fan.
Facebook only stands out to me because it's something I find annoying as I get asked a lot, "What's your Facebook?", "You gonna message me on Facebook?"... and on and on.
It's in the same boat as cell phones. I don't have one. I don't want one... and as long as I can help it, I will never have one.
Doesn't mean everyone should do without a cell phone just because I hate them.
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