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Re: Betrayer: A new FPS from former Monolith employees (including Craig Hubbard)
Been playing the final release the past few days and I love it.
Firstly, the differences between the Alpha test build and the final release are huge. As they should be.
But, going into the first camp I was very happy to see they had changed it around. Placement of items, added new items... removed stuff. Even the first investigation you get is completely different from how it was in the alpha.

Gameplay wise it's still very much like it was before. Combat is not what you should be trying for. Avoiding enemies is the best path, but if you must take them on... stealth is your best bet.
Using the gusts of wind to muffle the sounds of your steps. Lining up headshots to drop enemies silently and quickly. The bow is still my go to weapon.
The musket and pistol are powerful, but load and slow to reload. Making them not very effective as they tend to draw other enemies to you. Leaving you open while you try to reload.
They've added in "waterskins" or health packs you can carry with you. Which is good since you are very fragile. It doesn't take much for you to go down, but having a couple health packs on you makes it easier to get through some tougher encounters and get back to the camp to replenish your health.

But, probably my favorite part is the feel of the game.
There is such a stark and bleak feeling of isolation to it. You are "dropped" in these vast open areas... yet they feel so unsettling. It can be beautiful to watch the wind blow through the grass and trees, but you don't want to stand in the open.
Add in some brilliant sound design. There's no ambient music... which I was worried they might do. But I'm pleased to see they didn't.
Leaving the world eerily quiet. The occasional gust of wind, chirping of birds or crickets help to give the world some depth, but the silence adds to the uneasy feeling of the place.
And again I say, yes they added a color slider to the options to try and please those complaining about it. But, the main thing I've seen in feedback... is even those who asked for color... play the game in black and white.
The game looks good in color, but it completely kills the atmosphere. The dread of the world goes away in color. There's a reason the developers made in black and white, and it should stay that way.

As for the story, so far it's not clear to say much about it. But that's something else I love.
I've seen people claim such game doesn't hold your hand... and that game doesn't lead you around. But, in the end... they do.
But, Betrayer really doesn't. You are dropped into this world and left on your own to figure out what you can, how you can. You're not given objectives, HUD markers to go towards...
It's up to you to discover clues, items, ghosts, graves and notes to build the story of what happened. To find the clues that fill in the blanks and help finish the various investigations.
You will get out of the story only what you find.
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