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Re: Facebook purchases Oculus VR
Its probably fine; the good bet is that Facebook will fade. Replaced by another set of 1s and 0s. I would say chances are really small the coming generations are facebookers, and even smaller that they are not doing the very same thing (and beyond) on something with a different name.

However proud it makes us, Facebook is our thing, its how our generation does things. And however dissapointed it makes us, the concept is probably human and wont stop with our generation. I like the McDonalds comparison. It is just as embarrasing and just as human.

As for Facebook buying Oculus, whats really the problems with that?
I dont know why I would care. It is an interesting product that I look forward to give a try, what has changed with FB as owners?
As a previous owner of member number 404, I obviously dont know what the hell Im talking about.
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