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Re: Bombshell game announced
The character design is horrible and terribly uninspired.
Also, the animation is incredibly stiff and wooden. Added with the empty blank face... just meh.

And, with the trailer... I can see that it looks like they were trying to copy the DNF 2007 teaser. Problem is, they didn't do a teaser.
They did a 3 minute long "look at this character model" video. Where nothing happens.
That, and why does it just look like they just ripped off stuff?

Bombshell's design looks like a rip off of Jack from Mass Effect, and Fedorova from DX:HR. The opening of the trailer looks like a rip off of the DX:HR trailer where Adam is laying around watching the news and cracks his glass in his augmented hand.

And the bomb logo looks like a rip off of Croteam's Serious Sam logo.
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