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Re: What was the last game you played Pt 28?
Project: Snowblind (PC)

I have now completed the entirety of the Deus Ex universe (even though this one was unofficial).

Sooooo many cutscenes. The game starts off poorly. Cramped corridor crawls and gopher-gameplay. It improves slowly throughout. By the end, it's a pretty good FPS with a decent plot.
Although there were clearly talented designers building the game, their efforts were castrated by one of the weakest graphics engines of the 6th console generation. I played the PC version and it looked like a really good N64 game. It didn't help that there's no way to play in the proper aspect ratio. It's 4:3 only (which makes the game feel more cramped when stretched to fit my 16:10 screen).

If somebody gives you a copy, i say go ahead and play it. But I certainly wouldn't recommend anyone pay for it.
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