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Re: The Evil Within - New Horror Game from Shinji Mikami
So, while there hasn't been a ton of interest for this game on this forum (mostly due to the lack of traffic)...
I finished it the other day. And decided I would post my initial impressions of it.

It's honestly an odd game to try and describe, coming from Shinji Mikami you almost instantly want to reference his work on the Resident Evil series, but this game is a huge departure from them.
Firstly, this is true survival horror. A genre that, IMO, has been almost completely dead in recent years. And something that has been so sad for me to have sit back and watch die.
I used to love the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series, but both fell into such awful tropes and flawed designs. Silent Hill completely losing track of what made the first couple of games so great and instead turning into a joke of it's former self.
And Resident Evil, also losing track of itself, and morphing into a pathetic Gears of War clone attempting to be "scary" and only making itself look stupid.

The Evil Within is survival horror.
You are weak. Extremely fragile and weak, your melee attack isn't for force or quick take-downs.. it's a frantic last minute effort to push an enemy away. As only a couple attacks will cut you down.
Also, inventory is extremely limited. You can only carry a handful of bullets for your pistol at the start, and chances are you won't find more then a couple most of the time.
You are more often out-numbered, and the better option is to avoid and ignore the enemies if possible. If forced into combat, you really need to be aware of your surroundings and use them to your advantage. Using the enemies traps against them.

I've seen a lot of comparisons to Resident Evil 4. And while I can see why, the camera perspective is identical. A few enemy types are the same (the chainsaw guy) and even a few locations look the same. Yet, if you attempt to play the game like RE4 you will die. Quickly.
RE4 is what I would consider "action horror". Same as I would Dead Space. And while I love RE4 and the Dead Space series, they are huge departures from survival horror.

The one thing I can't really discuss in The Evil Within is it's story.
Not only because I don't want to dip into spoilers, but also because it's extremely difficult to even talk about without going into a gray area.
But, the pacing is spot on. And despite what a lot of the footage shows, the game offers plenty of variety and interesting environments that continue to draw you into the world on display.

I finished the game in 16 hours, and died 30 times.
And according to what I've seen on other forums, I've managed something others haven't. Most people seem to be averaging dead counts between 50 to 200.
But, I've already started a New Game+ and I can't wait for the story based DLC.

Hell, give me a sequel. Now.
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