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Re: Prey 2 Officially canceled!
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Rapture, do you understand how hostile acquisitions work? Do you understand what milestone abuse is?
This is something I really hate about game industry today - the absolute rule of so called "accountants" that against all commercially sound reasons (like releasing and selling the damn game) prefer to aquire trademarks and people from third-party companies (which they don't know what to do with next). It is like some ******* on a board meeting telling that the finished product wouldn't generate profit but at least they can aquire trademark and content for future better use if we bullshit the devs some more.

Nowadays games cost just too much and take too much time to complete to be financed on shady milestone completion basis - there is no way someone outside of the development can judge how software product is reaching it's development goals and how much resources are needed to finish it.

What is worse I really can't find solution to stop situations like this.
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