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Re: Your Personal Best and Worst of 2014.
Haven't really compiled a top 10 list yet but will do so on my blog shortly.

For best I would have to say Wolfenstein: The New Order. Still one of the only games on my blog I've given a perfect 10/10 score just because it gets everything right. Don't have to say much, the game marries the old and new school of shooters in a flawless way, mixes in a pretty gritty and emotional story with amazingly written characters, mindblowingly good graphics thanks to the idTech5 engine and amazing sound design as well. Everything just feels like a labor of love and it's definitely the game leaving the biggest impact on me this year.

For worst I would have to say Rust. While the game is early access still and most likely won't leave that state, I had an intensely negative experience with it that almost left me traumatized. The game is plagued by people being absolute *******s on servers, raiding people who just want to peacefully craft items and build houses and stealing their stuff, treating the game like a mindless shooter. To me that ruined the entire game and the worst part is, that's encouraged by the devs, they simply don't care. They also removed zombies which were the only AI enemy in the game so now you only have other human players to waste ammunition on. The game seems at odds with itself at what it wants to be and at this point I've stopped caring about it. I seem to not be the only person with this problem so... not a bright future for the game I feel... It's just not fun.
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