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Re: Your Personal Best and Worst of 2014.
Pretty much Damiens list except for The Evil Within.

Best games in no particular order.

Wolfenstein: TNO, Was a decent game, good old fashioned Nazi shoot-em-up. The one flaw is it ended disappointedly. No spoilers but i feel the ending didn't do anything for the resistance cause.

Alien: Isolation, I liked the atmosphere and the tense feelings of being stalked by the alien and hiding when it does show up but that is a double edge sword. I feel like they made the game too long for that slow and steady game pace because in the end it started to become a chore.

The Talos Principle, I know it came out last week but i have had fun with it, it's a intelligent game, the story is well written, the puzzles are quite difficult, it's loaded with easter eggs from either Serious Sam or other indie games.

South Park: SOT, i am not a fan on the turn based RPG genre but this game was easy to grasp and was quite funny in the South Park way. The only downside is absolutely no replayability, once you finish the game that's it.

Far Cry 4, A good game i finished twice but for some reason Ubisoft doesn't believe in replaying missions so to get both endings you have to play the entire game twice. The thing is that the game is a complete rehashing of FC3. Ubisoft should have taken the opportunity to put in some new mechanics but they copied and pasted everything from FC3. There are elephants and gyrocopters but in the end it does feel more like an expansion pack than a whole new game.

The one disappointing game i bought this year was Watch Dogs. By no means was it a bad game but was just underwhelming. Ubisoft buttered us up with fancy high def next gen graphics then took them away and quoted the BS excuse of "optimisation" In the end it was a sub par GTA clone.
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