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Re: Request original games
There is no way Doom will ever be added to 3DRealms store.
Two completely separate companies. 3DRealms has no ties, and has never had any ties to the Doom series.

id Software developed the game. And the current publisher to anything Doom related is ZeniMax/Bethesda.
Unless you want to buy an older retail copy from a place like or ebay, STEAM will be you only choice.
Even if you buy a retail copy of the Doom 3: BFG Edition. It uses STEAMworks and require you to register the game.

May I ask what you have against STEAM?
I've been using it since 2004 and have never had a single issue with it. Absolutely love the service.
Though, I do understand opinions do differ.

As for running it on Win7, if you do get it on STEAM... it's already set to go. The BFG Edition is completely compatible with Win7 and 8.
And other versions of Doom on STEAM also work fine. If you buy an older retail copy like Doom 95 or the "Doom Collector's Edition" then the source port zDoom is your best bet.
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