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Unhappy Platformers
What I really wish for are new, good platform games for PC Windows. Most of what I have seen, or what seems available to me, are dull, repetitive and just plain boring. Environment changes little with each level; graphics are comic-book or Sunday funnies quality. There are a few - too few exceptions. The majority of platform game creators have seemed to lose all enthusiasm for the genre, which, as I recall, reached its zenith in the early 90's with DOS games. I've seen only a handful which could be compared to games like Biomenace, Duke 2 and the Keen Series from Apogee, or others such as Ancient Empires or Xargon from other companies.

These games that I remember featured lush, detailed graphics and a playing environment that minimized the "platform" appearance and offered varied gameplay, using no more than two or three megs memory, encouraging the player to return to them time and time again, which I have. I play them on my old '95; as long as it runs, I have them to enjoy.

But like most people, I'm always eager for a fresh, new game that adheres to the same standards as these classics. So far I've concluded that, with few exceptions, they just aren't out there.
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