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Re: Superman: Man of Steel
Personally... I'm against bringing Batman into the second Superman film.

I know DC is desperate to start their "expanded universe" like what Marvel is doing. But I feel Superman still needs more time to properly develop. I love Man of Steel, but... there's still a TON of stuff to be dealt with and really fleshed out.

Bringing in another DC hero, and specially one so huge as Batman... so quickly... seems way too fast.
And personally, this is why I'm not a fan of the whole "Justice League"... and why I didn't like The Avengers.
I loved Nolan's Batman because it grounded the character in reality. While it had it's moments of sc-fi fantasy, it still kept it focused in more of a "real world" Batman.
The Justice League... is a collection of (mostly) aliens with a human in a black costume with a utility belt.

It's the same with The Avengers. I loved the first Iron Man. Because, while the tech was fantastical the reality, it still felt grounded in a "realisticish" world. And, The Avengers took away from that... something I felt the first film really nailed in, by bringing in ancient gods, aliens and super soldiers.

So, yeah, I like my "superheroes" to be more real than fantasy. The only ones outside of Batman and Ironman I actually like are Wolverine, Deadpool and Spider-Man. And those ones are the only ones that I feel "work" with their super-human abilities.
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