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Re: Bombshell Has Gone GOLD!
Originally Posted by Robman View Post
When something goes "Gold" it means it sold x amount of copies... not that the chick gained a golden arm XD

"In 1975, the additional requirement of 500,000 units sold was added for Gold albums. [citation needed] Reflecting growth in record sales, the Platinum award was instituted in 1976 [citation needed] for albums selling one million units and singles selling two million units."
There's a difference between video games and albums.

A video game going "GOLD" means that the game is finished and is ready for distribution or release.
Going Gold in video games has zero to do with how many copies are sold.

Every single video game released has a Gold Master. They just are not announced like they used to be.
I remember back when every game coming out had a big news story on when it went Gold.
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