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Must go places in or around CA?
Hey everyone, not sure how many of you are left, but given our awesome history I thought I would ask.

At the moment I live in PB, San Diego, and will be here at least to June. After that I have to get some sort of engineering career going so I donīt know where I will live. Maybe I will never see this paradise again? Who knows.

Things done:
Lived in La Jolla in January, so hopefully Iīve covered the close vicinity of that; Torrey Pines etc. Live in Pacific Beach now, so that covers stuff like trying to stand up on a surfing board.

Been in LA two times. First time I checked out walk of fame/Hollywood (I.E. now I know itīs more or less just a dump). Second time Six Flags - pretty awesome.

Things I am going to do:
I will travel in March/April, staying a couple of days in Palm Springs, one or two days of travel to Death Valley and Grand Canyon and then some days in Vegas.

Other than that I have no plans really. So what should I see?

Tijuana is out of the question even though it is a 30 min drive.* Bit tempted to fly to Los Cabos over a weekend or so though.

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