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Re: Must go places in or around CA?
I have felt some time that I should do an update here, problem is I have too much to update. I've even lost track of what is interesting and what is not, because the "interesting" bar has been raised continuously for three months. I suppose, Gilligan, if you lived here for 30 years you have some idea of what I am talking about (unless, of course, you havent lived in more ordinary citys).

But it is not only the city, it is so much more. A weekend ago I was at a barbeque at my mentors (practically a free initiative of the chamber of commerce - incredible) house, sitting there in a jacuzzi outside an amazing house, in CA, where we discuss how he can help me with my engineering career. 3 months ago I had never been to the US - actually not outside Europe - and was mostly fed up with master studies and looking to hopefully get a semi-grey job and decent life I did not hate.

But since I feel I have to update with something, I know just the thing:
I actually battled a snake! It is not supposed to happen, but it did. I met a few people that have seen them, but not one have told me anything close to what happened to me:

We where out hiking around the potato cliff/Mount Woodson (got there too late, so we just walked around the lake). I had warned the other guys about rattlesnakes - dont stray, watch your feet, etc - but since they apparently still live in Sweden they kept saying there is no such thing as a dangerous snake. Whatever.

So we've been walking for an hour or so, and I walk slightly behind the other guys. Suddenly I see something shooting out from the side of the road, but didn't really understand what it was. As I look down, I see something circling around my feet, I realize it is an animal, and then suddenly.. the animal starts to make this high pitch "fizzing" noise. It took me another couple of milliseconds to realize I had a rattlesnake circling my feet. I freeze, and the last time I look down, I realize its mouth is open. I look up, moving my feet so, so slowly trying to get away from it.

As I manage to take a slow step away, realizing it is now at least behind me, just looking at the horizon and trying to think of something else, I am certain it is going to bite my calves. I even have time to think of the implications, how much it is going to hurt, fastest way to get to a hospital, I even thought about whether it would one day be a cool story to tell - bitten by a rattlesnake - or if it would be just a horrible experience.

But then I heared a noise at the other side of the road, looked back, and saw that it was gone. It felt like it was still on my feet though, and I was so high on adrenaline I had to stop for a while to make sure I was not bitten.

As I told the other guys to wait out, and what had just happened, one of the (forever Swedish) girls just looked at me and said "Was that the sound I heard? I thought you opened a can of soda or something."

(not the actual snake)

I am guessing they must have walked too close to a bush and scared it.
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