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Re: Must go places in or around CA?
Great Story!

I love Hiking - Even did some of the hikes in Sequoia.

I've ran across maybe 50-100 rattlesnakes in my life, and they are not aggressive. Sometimes they are with their nest, or they shed and become blind and their rattles are quiet - so they may bite without being provoked, but it's uncommon.

In my opinion, once they come into the community, they are just like any other pest (only much more dangerous), and they need to be disposed of.
I'm glad you didn't behave like an ass and torture/kill the snake.

California King Snakes do a pretty nice job of keeping the population down.

Don't ever kill a King Snake in California - not only are they protected, they are the best wildlife blessing you can have on your property. They keep Varmints and Rattlers away, and although very reclusive, they are quite friendly.

It's a sad fact about our own domains that we need pesticides, and critter control, and a good reason why we should protect natural habitat and preserve it for future generations to be able to get out away from society and enjoy it. If we all participate in enjoying the outdoors, maybe our selfishness will actually save it.
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